This is sooooo cool.

Forever 21 has a new collection out that I’m dying over.”Forever 21 Twist”

If I had all the money in the world, I’d buy the following outfits:

All found at Forever 21!

What do you guys think??


9 thoughts on “This is sooooo cool.

  1. taperjeangirl says:

    If you had ALL the money in the world,.. you would buy this? I’m sorry but these outfits are not realistic for 2 main reasons. 1)THE SKIRTS ARE WAY TOO SHORT. Not to mention, FOR THE HEEL HEIGHT. Can you have dinner with your friends and family in this without worrying about whether or not you’re going to show your picachoo? These models are TALL, and notice, they are all STANDING.
    2) THE HEADWEAR IS UNREALISTIC. wearing headwear in pics shown requires WORRY. IT MEANS KEEPING YOUR HEAD PAINFULLY IN ONE PLACE AT ALL TIMES, so that it won’t move or shift, ruining that carefree look you want.
    I DO, though, LOVE the idea of the bobby soxs with the booties, that is really cute with a
    past-the-knee pencil skirt.

    • Kimberly says:

      Thank you for your comment and thoughts! However, I must disagree with you on nearly all of your points.

      First of all, the skirts/dresses being too short. I feel as though you have not recognized the fact that yes, the models are extremely tall with long legs. I almost guarantee those dresses and skirts would be much longer on me due to not only my height, but also the fact my legs are much shorter than theirs.

      Next, the head wear. I can honestly say I would wear each and every piece shown. Most of the head pieces shown are headbands… and I’m not sure why you would think it would be hard to keep a headband in place. I wear headbands and other head wear similar to these pieces quite often, and I never seem to have a problem keeping them in place, or “keeping my head painfully in one place at all times”.

      Yes, the bobby socks are very cute, and do remind me of when I was younger.

      Once again, thank you for your opinions, however, everyone does has different style- clearly, and mine must just happen to be polar opposite of yours. 🙂

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