Feeling inspired.

Tonight the roomies and I decided to red box a movie. Sadly, I was making myself dinner so I was unable to accompany them down to the grocery store, but I was soooo excited when they brought back Julie & Julia! I had wanted to see this movie in theaters but never got around to it.

First of all, I love Meryl Streep! She’s so fantastic, and one of the best actresses in my opinion! But I was just so pleased with how uplifting this movie was.

Sure it had it’s roller coaster moments like most movies… but in the end I just felt so inspired. Inspired to do what??

Well here’s the list:

1. Learn how to cook. (This might have to wait until after I’m done with school and actually have some money to spend towards a more superior meal than eggs and yogurt.)

2. Blog more, and about more substantial topics. Although, sometimes all I have in my head is shoes or make up I’ve been drooling over… sorry guys.

3. Dress in high waisted skirts and adorable heels from the 1940s. (Okay, so maybe this one isn’t realistic, but a girl can dream right?)

4. Get married to an adorable husband. (Okay, so I might have to wait on this one… but Boyfriend already had the “adorable” part down.)

5. I can’t think of others, but I know I had them.

Overall, I think you all should go red box it and tell me what your thoughts on the movie are!


On a different note… I love this:


5 thoughts on “Feeling inspired.

  1. jessthall says:

    I loved this movie too and it definitely inspired me to blog more!
    After we watched it my mother and I made gourmet burritos for dinner…we felt lame to say the least.

  2. debbie says:

    i rock at cooking. remember the stuff from the wedding? i didnt cook that, but prepard it. lol. i cook all the time, and not eggs. ha ha, i havn’t seen this yet, its on the to watch list.

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