New obsession:


Being that I’ve been working over my break from school, I have been LOVING dressing up every day.

And I really am loving tights. I twittered recently about some of my new betsey j tights I received from my mom for Christmas.

Anyway, I did some research and found some more options that I’m loving:

 V is For Vixen Tights & A Tight by Any Other Name.

Diamond Web Tights & Opaque Dotted Tights

I also recently found a blog that makes me want to shop exlusively at thrift stores and own a million pairs of tights.

Liebe Marlene Vintage.

Seriously, she is so adorable, and her boyfriend’s photography skills are to die for!

Anyway, I hope you’re all doing well! Talk to you all again soon!


6 thoughts on “New obsession:

  1. emilie18 says:

    again I say

    I haven’t been to that store since I was about 13, I did not know they had such inexpensive accessories.
    And I do pick up my paycheck next week…. 😉

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