Old School.

I was looking through pictures tonight from high school. One of my favorite past times… looking at old photos that is. Here are some ones I found that I love:

Cheering at a basketball game.

(From left to right: Alicia, Annie, Molly, Chloe, and Me.)

I think what I find most interesting about this picture is that I’m wearing hoops. I didn’t realize I ever owned some.

(From left to right: Marissa, Cindy, Emilie, and Me.)

At beach retreat, members of my bible study!

JHall and I outside our sculpture class. When I used to love snow.

(From left to right: Jamie, Me, Marguerite, Tonya.)

Even though I don’t really talk to these girls anymore, I still love this photo. We took this right before graduation.

Funny… along the way I found this photo:

Haha, Sister and Trevor, long before marriage and Kingston. 🙂

Anyway, continuing on the photo journey:

(From left to right: Kalea, Tonya, Me, Jennifer, Jamie.)

Before the “grub tolo” dance, the one dance where you dressed like your friends and went all girls or all boys.

I guess that’s enough pictures for now! 🙂


4 thoughts on “Old School.

  1. cindy says:

    love the pictures. i’ve always loved that beach one. when are you home for break? lets catch up…it’s been way toooo long. 😦 is jess home too for a bit?

    • Kimberly says:

      YES we need to catch up! Aren’t you going to pop soon though?? 🙂

      I’ll be home the 23rd of December (I’m going on a cruise with tristan before hand!) and then I’ll be home until Jan 11th so we should definitely get together before i go back to school!

      Yeah I believe she will be home for a while too! I think this means we need to do a girls night.

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