School work: half check, gifts: check… I’m ready to go home!

Today my friend Alyssa and I decided to finish up our Christmas shopping. YAY!

I’m very pleased with what I accomplished without stretching my wallet too much. And it was super fun to wrap them today. I even made specialized little tags I’ll show you guys. But first off…

Here is my cute little Christmas area in my apartment! So cute! I got the stocking from Old Navy for 1 bone!! No kidding! And then made the paper chain myself. đŸ™‚ And lastly my momma gave me the happy holiday’s sign. I love it! Puts me in the Christmas spirit.

Here is a photo I took over break of Lil’ Love (Kingston) and Trev.

I love it! He’s so dang cute!

And lastly…

Here is what my tags look like for my presents:

Basically I printed these off and made them with the fonts “Candy Time” and “Pharmacy” from Dafont.

After I printed them off I glued them onto either red or green card stock (depending on the color of the gift bag) and cute about half a centimeter parameter.

Then I took a hole punch, punched a hole in the top corner and used some festive ribbon to tie them onto the bags.

They turned out SO cute and I just wanted to share this because it took literally 10 minutes tops for me to make enough for 5 bags, and it’s such a nice touch to add to a lovely gift.

Also all fonts are free on dafont so it’s fun to play around and see what you like.

Anyway, hope you all are having good and non stressful shopping experiences! đŸ™‚


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