This one goes out to the ladies…

Now, I don’t know if you all remember, but I was complaining of dry skin… lotions didn’t seem to be heavy enough… well I finally thought of Vaseline! I’m not sure why I never thought of it before, but I’ve been putting it on my feet before bed, on my elbows as well…and basically on all of the super dry spots.

Then I saw some reviews on people using it around their eyes for a sort of anti wrinkle system.

And I know you’re all thinking… “um… Kimmi… you’re 20.” but it’s all about prevention right?

Anyway… I just love it… and it’s so dang cheap! $4.49 for 13 oz! That’s just ridiculous. I seriously recommend it!

I also saw some people on Youtube have loaded videos on how to use Vaseline as a sort of weekly mask to help prevent wrinkles as well as moisturize and brighten up. So anyway, to wrap things up… you know you all have it somewhere in your bathrooms. Whip it out! Give it a try!




I’m not sure if the new FTC guidelines affect me or not… but I figured I’d cover my behind by answering the simple questions… and this applies to anything I’ve ever shown. I’ve never been paid to review a product, unless I upfront said so.

So here goes!

1) Did you get this product for free by the company, or did you buy it yourself? My mom gave it to me, haha.

2) Are you getting paid or compensated by this company for this blog? Definitely not.

3) Are you affiliated with this company? No.

4) Is this your honest opinion or a paid review? Honest opinion.

So there you have it. Not sure if this even needed to be done. But everything I ever “promote” on here is purchased by me. I’m not affiliated with anything or anyone.. and yeah… that should do it! 🙂


6 thoughts on “This one goes out to the ladies…

  1. emilie18 says:

    Ewww vaseline…It’s so…sticky. I actually use it frequently in making plaster masks, to keep the plaster from sticking to my head, haha. The last time I did it I really shellaqued my hair so it wouldn’t stick, and it didn’t. But it took me a good week and a jar of cornstarch to get it out.

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