What to say??

Hmm… I got a package from my momma and dad. It was very welcomed, basically it was socks and underwear I had left at home from break haha. But of course they threw in some Christmas themed candy. YUM! Festive=FUN.

Jay Leno tickets go on sale tomorrow, for Mom’s Weekend.

WOOT. I’m excited for that… but NOT so excited to stand in line early in the morning. I might come home and nap after. 🙂

I’m so boring today. I can’t think of anything to write about.


I painted my nails.

PARTY over here.

I got sister and trevy’s Christmas present! Heck yes! I’m pretty much done… I have my mom and dad and sister/trevor… I’m too poor to get extended family gifts, but I may do some crafting for them.

Boyfriend and I have decided not to gift each other this year, due to the cruise. So… all that is left is Kingston! Maybe I’ll get him a fetching outfit, or craft something up for him as well.

OOOH ideas brewing in me head.

I recently found out there is a Forever 21 in Spokane!! I may have to make a trip there sooner rather than later!

However, as previously mentioned, I’m a po’ college kid.

No harm in looking though right….??

I’m sorry this post is completely pointless.

With no direction.

Except!!!! How do you all feel about the Gap and Target ads this year??

I’m NOT thrilled, to say the least.

They SO do not put me in the Christmas mood. Maybe it’s the whole “cheer” theme that has me thrown off, I wish they weren’t yelling in unison at me.

In other news, I ordered a Speech and Hearing Sciences sweatshirt today!!

So excited! The perks of having a small major 🙂

They’re going to be American Apparel zip ups with Coug/SHS stuff on them. I’m real excited.

I hope we get them before Christmas break! Although I’m not sure if that is likely… that’s quite soon.

Ok, I’ll stop boring you now… but I feel like I should leave you with something.. so here:

kitty say what?


2 thoughts on “BORED.

  1. Jennifer says:

    true story: raul is having a heart attack. i repeat, raul is having a heart attack. i played this video while he was sitting on my lap. he got real excited, because he loves to watch the mouse cursor move around on the screen of my laptop… but very mad once he heard the kitty meows. he is searching the house right now for the meowing kitties he heard on the video. lol.

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