Mmm whatcha say??

Well not much actually. I’ve been trying to be a faithful blogger and post every day. It’s been hard lately. Un-inspired, I am. However, I thought of a story I’d like to share, so gather ’round kiddos.

I’m a huge klutz. Like HUGE. I fall often, and it’s almost to the point that I just expect to trip at least once a day.

So anyway, back to the story. When the parentals came for their semi-Dad’s weekend they were nice enough to put studded tires on me ‘Bu. Then, due to  Sister going into labor, they had to head back to the west side, therefore, once my car was complete with fancy new tires, I needed a ride to get it.

My friend Alyssa was kind enough to drop me off after class. So I walk into Les Schwab, and the guy says me ‘Bu is parked across the street (due to their small amount of parking) and hands me the keys.

Once outside, I decide to be a “cool” kid and jay walk. Only… it doesn’t work quite well because it’s quite a busy road so I just end up looking like a goob.

On the other side of the road there is a sidewalk, and then a small hill with beauty bark and such on it and then up on the hill is the parking lot I’m trying to get to.

I decided since I was already taking shortcuts, I might as well try to run up the hill…

So I start out and then realize… “Oh no… this is really wet.” and slowly start sliding down the hill.

Of course I reach forward as to not fall.

And this was the result:

Lovely mud… all OVER me.

And to make things worse, I had nothing in my car that I could wipe the mess off with.

I drove home… covered and laughing at myself.

Anyway… I can’t think of anything else to share, and if that story didn’t even make sense… don’t judge. It’s getting down to the wire over here in P-Town. My brain is fully focused on other things.

BUT, good news! I have a 98% in Phonetics. YES!

How was your Tuesday?


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