Questions Questions Questions.

I was over at Bleubird Vintage and got inspired to complete a survey. Which probably isn’t interesting or fun to anyone but me… but hey it’s my blog, I do with it what I want right?

1. Where is your cell phone? To my right, on my cutesy night stand.

2. Your hair? Up and in dire need of a trim.

3. Your mother? Wonderfully crazy and perfectly involved.

Photo of my mommy taken by my dad.

My mom and I circa 1992.

Note the stick on earrings, anyone else rock those!?

4. You father: brilliant, and really into model railroading… H.O. scale to be exact.

5. Your favorite food: Spaghetti, minus the meat balls!


6. Your dream last night: Can’t remember.

7. Favorite drink: Water, and I love love love sparkling cider.

8. Your Dream/Goal: To get into grad school, be happy, and be successful. Couldn’t ask for more.

9. Room you’re in: My bedroom of course.

10. What’s your hobby?: Collecting cameras with Boyfriend, taking photos, shopping, reading, and generally enjoying life.

The gang… From left to right: Polaroid, Kodak Instamatic, Holga, Meikai, Polaroid, 3D Kalimar, and Smena in the back.

Photo of Boyfriend taken with the 3D Kalimar.

11. What is your worst fear?: Not getting into grad school and being forced to be something super depressing like a child welfare case aid.

12. Where you were last night: Internetting as usual, and attempting to study… even more usual.

13. Something you are not: COMPETITIVE!

14. Muffins: Yum… I like… but I read somewhere that muffins have as much fat as 5 krispy kremes. Hope that’s not true!


15. Wish List Item: This is convenient, I just started making my Christmas list!

A new ihome situation:

Mine has poo-pooed out.

16. Where did you grow up?: Western Washington! Love it. Love rain.

17. Last thing I did: STUDY STUDY STUDY.

19. Your TV: Is on and watching The Hills!

20. Your pets: COMPLETELY in love with them. Four cats.

One of my lovies, Baby:

21. Your friends: The best ever.

My bestie, JHall:

22. Your life: Lovely.

23. Your mood: Happy happy happy! Ready to go home and see la familia. Especially the new little one!

24. Missing someone?: Boyfriend… always.

25. Your vehicle?: The ‘Bu.

26. Something you’re not wearing: Bra…

Ooh la la!

27. Favorite store?: In person shopping… Nordstroms Rack or Marshalls. Online… Urban Outfitters, Fred Flare, Etsy, etc.

28. Your favorite color: Red.

29. Last time you laughed: Probably earlier when I was on the phone.

30. Last time you cried: A little in class today, due to learning about Anencephaly… DO NOT GOOGLE, you’ll be depressed!

31. Your best friend: I have three. In no particular order they are Boyfriend, Sister, and Jhall.

Polaroid of Boyfriend and I from this past summer.

32. Place you go over and over: SCHOOL. specifically… Daggy 232.

33. Guilty Pleasure: Every reality tv show known to man.

34. Favorite place to eat: I love to try new places. But I really love Miako Teriyaki in my hometown.

35. Where do you want to be in 6 years: Lets see I’ll be 26… so married, done with grad school, living life and possibly doing some traveling!

There you have it! Now you fill it out and comment below with a link! I want to read your answers!


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