Jewelry Organization.

Recently, my mom got me this neat jewelry organizer that I absolutely love. It’s just flat black and has a place to put rings as well as hang necklaces. Perfect for me.

Sadly, I hadn’t put this to much use, I guess I just felt like I was too busy to sit down and put jewelry on it or something. However, a couple days ago I got inspired to do it.

Here’s what it looks like, I’m pretty pleased:

It sits on top of my book case between all of my cameras.

A view from the top.

I really suggest all of you ladies getting something like this… it makes wearing jewelry much more accessible and likely. Before I had my jewelry under my dresser in a fishing tackle box and rarely ever wore it or got it out.

Here are some other stands I’ve seen and thought are adorable in case you are interested!

All options via Urban Outfitters.

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