School Update.

I know how thrilling this must be to all of you… but once again, I’m going to update about school! Woo!

So lets start with where I’m at now. Remember when I was talking about possibilities for grades this semester?

Well… I think I’ll be getting three A’s and two B’s! This makes me feel so happppppy!

I will be going home Thursday for Thanksgiving break, and I’m SO excited because this week I only have one exam (on Wednesday) and that is IT.

WOO hoo.

Another fun thing about this week was it was registration! I love registering. I think it excites me because not only do I love thinking about the future, but I love the idea of a fresh start!

Here are my classes for next semester:

SHS 376- Speech Sound Disorders

SHS 378- Speech & Hearing Sciences

SHS 461- Clinical Apprenticeship

SHS 472- Audiometry

SHS 478- Language Impairments

ANTH 468- Sex, Evolution, and Human Nature

I’m so excited, I needed a “tier III” so that’s where the ANTH comes into play. Can’t wait!

Boyfriend had to register for me today due to my class schedule. I was so thankful he could. What a good boyfriend. 🙂

Now it’s time for me to study some Audiology while the night is still young.

As always… Please vote for Adaline at Peak Performance… it’s super easy. And totally worth it. She is in FOURTH place, and clearly deserves to be in FIRST. Spread the word! And watch her new video!

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