Old Soul, New Heart.

I recently stumbled upon this shop, Old Soul, New Heart and I can’t get over their stuff.

Here’s what the creators of Old Soul, New Heart say about their shop:

“Tamara is Shea’s mother. She taught Shea that accessories never make you feel fat. She also taught her that well-placed ruffles, chains, sparkles and bows put you on the fast track to feeling pretty.

Shea listened.

So together they have scoured estate sales and shops across the globe, gleaning inspiration from decades past and present, to form Old Soul, New Heart – a collection of meticulously hand-crafted accessories that breathe new life into vintage finds and unique pieces.

We are Old Soul, New Heart – and we design things that make you the envy of the party.”

I love this. So recently they launched their new collection, Holidate 2009. And I’m in love.

Here are some of my favorites:

Lookin’ For a Beau- $35.00

Enjoys Escapades- $42.00

For The Love of Pearls- $72.00

This shop is definitely worthy of a drool or two.

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