A random note.

Lazy Sunday

I love love love lazy Sundays!

This is how I feel today:

lazy cat

image via.

I’m very excited for this week! I only have one exam on Wednesday, then I’m home free! I’m leaving Thursday after class to head to the west side and I’ll be home for an entire week!


What are you guys excited for this week?

ALSO, don’t forget to vote for Adaline at Peak Performance! She really deserves to win!


5 thoughts on “A random note.

  1. emilie18 says:

    Is your entire weekend booked out???
    Because if you have a spare couple of hours I do have a play this weekend, Thursday thru Sunday at 7pm and on Sat and Sun at 2pm as well…. It’s in downtown Oly. No pressure you’ll probably want to see your new family member but if you catch some free time it’d be cool to see ya.

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