The end is in sight!

I can’t believe how soon until this semester is DONE with! This year has just flown by.

I finally am feeling OK about school, but just ok. Not great… Here are my options for final grades:

1) All B’s. (LAME. I don’t want this one, I feel so average).

2) Four B’s, One A. (The A being in Phonetics, love that class! However, I would like more A’s please…)

3) Three B’s, Two A’s. (The two A’s being Phonetics and Human Development. This is the choice I’m hoping for! So wish me luck! It’s seriously time to BUCKLE down.)

Unfortunately, it looks as though I’ll have quite a hefty load of homework to do over Thanksgiving, but hey, it’ll be good, I’ll be at home, I can cuddle my kitties and enjoy life.

As for the whole language sample dilemma I told you all about, I have come up with a solution! I’m going to video tape my lovely best friend’s niece over Thanksgiving. This makes me feel SO much better.  I actually have a plan! Plus, this makes me really excited that I get to spend some time with Jess!

I’m kind of nervous about the whole driving-home-alone-6-hours thing for Thanksgiving. However, I’m going to put on The Grapes and just try to enjoy my time alone.

AND, since the Boy’s birthday is the day after Thanksgiving, I do believe I will be able to see this handsome face as well:

Lincoln City 2009 044-pola

In other news, did you all see this crazyness on Sister’s blog! She might be having a little girl after all instead of the boy we had thought!

Well, that’s all I have, I hope you all are having a good beginning of the week! Time for me to watch some Gossip Girl. 🙂


13 thoughts on “The end is in sight!

  1. debbie says:

    the drive will be fine and aren’t you glad i had my thinking cap about aggie? i rock huh? just relax and think happy thoughts, if that doesn’t work i suggest a martini.

  2. Andrew Ferguson says:

    One particularly hard semester (for a variety of reasons), I managed to receive (and I swear to you I’m not making this up, I will post my transcript if need be) an: A, B, C, D, F, W(ithdrawal), and a NC (No Credit).

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