Stressed to the max.

Well, I don’t know if it’s to the max. But I’m just not having a good past week/weekend.

Lets see… where to start?

Hmm… On the way home to the west side I realized I had accidentally thrown away my Jeff Dunham tickets for Dad’s Weekend here at WSU. And obviously since I was already two hours away I couldn’t check, so I begged my very nice neighbor to look in the dumpster and pull out our garbage bags and set them on our porch, so I could go through them later.

Fear not, I found them when I got back in the garbage can in the kitchen. This pleases me.

Then, the purpose of going home this weekend was to get a language sample, so I spent an hour with some kids playing, which was really fun. And I tested out the equipment to make sure it was working.

Then I get back today and I’m trying to type up the language sample and there’s NOTHING on the tape. I seriously want to cry.

I guess I’ll just have to get it over Thanksgiving break instead.

So frustrating.

Then I’m having some awkward tension between a friend and I. I don’t ever like that. I always like things to be peaceful.

SO, now that I’ve spoke about the negatives, lets talk about the positives shall we! Bring this up to a happy place!

Positive #1: No exams this week!

Positive #2: Courtney (future roomy/one of the best friends) got in to WSU! So that means she really will be a future roomy!

Positive #3: I got to spend lots of time with momma and sister this weekend. Which was fun. I even took some of sister’s preggo pics with her fancy new camera! Here they are:




preggo4 preggo5

To see more, go to Sister’s blog.



5 thoughts on “Stressed to the max.

  1. debbie says:

    don’t know what your tension is but it is alwyas best o confont it head on. be upfront and i bet it is all over something dumb

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