Old times.

I was looking through old photos of Roomy and I and decided to make an ode to our friendship throughout the years… warning: this is super dorky.

alyssa and kimmi


Roomy and I at a high school dance. I was on “Tolo Court”.


On our way to a Kelly Clarkson concert… haha yes, Kelly Clarkson. Sister even got a scar on her hand from that show.


We used to dress up and go out into the woods on her property and have her mother take photos of us. So vain. 🙂

We’ve actually been friends since she was in 1st grade and I in 2nd… and I had some really funny old photos… but my scanner was being lame and wouldn’t work for me. Bummer!

Here are some of my favorites from the college years:

halloween 2008 034

LOU 022

movie 017

Always the arm rest.

ugly sweater party 010

random not so sunny day 039

shopko 038

I would like to point out how short my hair was!

WSU Junior Year 001

court's visit 006

That’s probably enough, haha.

SO many fun times.

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