Happy Weekend!

I hope you guys all had a fantastic weekend! And a safe safe safe Halloween!

I’ve been listening to this song:

“Home” By Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros.

I can’t stop. Oh and this song, there’s just something so spooky about it:

“Trouble” by Hope Sandoval & The Warm Inventions

On a different note, my Halloween was fun. Courtney came to visit and we made lots of crafts and just took it easy watching far too many scary movies.

Now I need to study A LOT today for an exam I have tomorrow that I put off for some fun this weekend. Boo.

Lately I’ve had the urge to go rollerskating. I think it all started one night when I was watching “Girls Next Door” and they had a roller disco party. It just looked SO fun!


Photo via here, and We Heart It.

I think I will break out the skates when I go home this weekend. It’ll be fun! Maybe I’ll get my mom to go with me!


As for the whole Dr. Drew biz-nas. It was SO good! In fact, I wish he would’ve spoke longer… I think it was about an hour and thirty minutes. But he’s so brilliant, and he was no-nonsense. People would ask silly questions and he’d be really blunt and move on. Loved it.

But that night was a really silly night for me in general, and it all started when we were at Dr. Drew.

Roomy estimated that there were over 1000 students in the CUB ballroom. And yes, there were a lot. But basically at this point mostly everyone was sitting down and this guy was walking down the main aisle down the middle of the seats and just straight up slipped and fell… on flat land. EVERYONE simultaneously said “oooooooooooh!” while we all watched him fall. Luckily, Roomy and I had front row seats to this action, he fell right in front of us. We could NOT stop laughing. And it was mostly the way he got up. Of course it’s always funny to see someone fall. But this basically set off our goofy mood for the rest of the night.

When we got home we decided to carve our pumpkin. Then we decided to go to Walmart so we could get some candles to stick in the pumpkin. While there roomy said, “I feel like I have pumpkin all over me.” I just agreed and then we continued on. Then we decided to go to Hastings because I wanted to get a movie.

While there I bent down and saw I had pumpkin seeds all over my Uggs. We both saw them at the same time and laughed so hard. Looking back on it, it’s not that funny, but at the time, I was dying.

Well that’s all I have for now, and I should probably force myself to do some work.

Hope you all had a good holiday weekend! Now can we start anticipating Christmas already?!


4 thoughts on “Happy Weekend!

  1. Jennifer says:

    fight club is scary? lol. last house on the left is the only one i think i’ve seen a preview for… and no thanks! i’ll stick with my scary movie series, lol.

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