SO neat!

I found the absolute neatest jewelry ever today. Designed by Erica Weiner.

Here are some of my favorite pieces, I think you’ll see why.


The Gumball Machine Stacking Rings ($20)

“These are randomly selected sets of 4 cheap-o vintage rings to be worn either stacked or alone. Included may be fixed-size or adjustable (open-back) rings, in copper, stainless steel, brass, silver-plated, yellow or rose-gold-plated, or blackened metal. We’ll make sure to include at least one or two rings with rhinestones in your 4-pack. Here are some examples of styles we have in stock right now, but we can’t take requests based on these pictures. We’ll choose for you from our always-growing vintage stock.”

I love their attitude! “Randomly selected sets of 4 cheap-o vintage rings…” Cracks me up.


The Vertebrae Necklace. ($90)

“Five vertebrae from a small snake have been cast in brass and strung on a 19″ antique brass chain. The bones fit together so satisfyingly, and move together in such a weirdly snake-like way, you won’t be able to stop playing with them. Each tiny, detailed vertebra measures about 1/4″ long. Brass spring ring closure.”

If this is true, this is possibly the coolest thing ever…


The Name Bracelets 5-Pack ($20)

“We found a huge cache of antique nameplate bracelets, probably from the 1960s, and we bought them all on the spot. You’ll get a random selection of 5 silver and gold-toned bracelets, which may include the names: Dorothy, Shirley, MaryAnne, Phyllis, Sheila, Marilyn, Peggy, Sherry, Marlene, Sandra, or Irene. We don’t make these bracelets ourselves so we can’t take commissions for any other names, sorry. Bracelet circumference is about 7″, and each one opens and closes with a latch that hooks around the edge of the nameplate.”


And lastly,


The I Love You Bracelet ($35)

“In our recent travels through New England we found a roll of brass flat chain from the 1980s stamped repeatedly with the words “I LOVE YOU”. Instantly we were reminded of the cheap, delicate metal bracelets we all owned and loved when we were little girls. We’ve cut our vintage chain to a bracelet-sized (6 3/4″) length, soldered on endcaps, and found a miniature heart-shaped hinged lock to act as a clasp. This references the Victorian wedding bracelets we’ve been researching lately, in which a lock-shaped closure symbolically secured a precious gold bracelet onto a new bride’s wrist. Somehow we’ve created a bracelet that combines elements of the 1980s AND the 1890s, and we’re pretty proud of ourselves! All parts are brass and may tarnish slightly, adding to the vintage look.”

This is just too adorable. Makes my heart melt a little.

Overall, Erica Weiner is probably the coolest designer ever… you should all be sure to check out her online shop, as well as her blog! The holiday season is coming up after all 🙂


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