They think they’re funny, but they’re just stupid.

My neighbors are constantly trying to play pranks on us, remember the fan?

Well, recently my good friend Brittany’s parents grew us a pumkin! I was sooo excited! Because I really wanted one, but I felt too poor to spend the money on it, haha.

So she brought it over and I proudly displayed it on my porch, and Alyssa and I had plans to carve it soon.

Well then our neighbors did this:


Yes, that’s a fork.

So then Alyssa and I wrote “jerks” on it with permanent marker and sat the fork back on their porch.

Then they put the fork back in it.

Then I took it back over and handed it to them telling them to stop it, it was getting annoying.

Then I came home to this:



That was OUR pumpkin, MY friend grew for US and THEY carved it!

How rude! They seriously owe us a pumpkin!

Alyssa and her boyfriend Chad are going to spread the pumpkin seeds all over their porch.

And I think they’ve earned that.

It’s just weird because we don’t know them that well, in order for them to be pranking us like this.


13 thoughts on “They think they’re funny, but they’re just stupid.

  1. perversecowgirl says:

    That SUCKS. You don’t play a prank on someone that destroys their property.

    If you’re REALLY pissed, see if you can sneak some pumpkin pulp into the pipes of their house somehow (you’d probably have to invite yourself over and sneak some down their sink). Pumpkin guts apparently dry into cement and never, ever come off. Your neighbours’ drain will get clogged and they’ll have to replace that section of pipe entirely to get it working again.

    Okay, don’t actually DO it, because that would be a little over the top. But it’s a fun fantasy. 🙂

  2. emilie18 says:


    Although I think the conclusion is that boys are certainly bad pranksters. I think we learned that in middle school, and this situation just reiterated this.

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