The weekend.

This weekend was weird.

Everyone left. Either to go to the west side or elsewhere. Roomy went with her boyfriend to Wenatchee.

Luckily, my friend Brittany was still in town and we had an awesome girls weekend.

On Saturday we went to WSU Football Homecoming game. It was entertaining… I’m not the biggest football fan. Ever. Even if we were super good I’d probably only go to 2 games tops a year.

After the game Brit and I went to the mall. Shopped around. At one point we were sitting outside Radio Shack and this old hick man walked by with his wife, heading into Radio Shack and said “I’ll do the talking!” Like he was going to go in and make a deal. It was so funny to us for some reason and we couldn’t stop saying it for the rest of the night.

On a different note,

My apartment is FREEEEEZING. I tried to turn our wall heater on and the fire alarm went off…. I think it needs to be cleaned or something.

Either way… I’m so cold typing this right now. And I think I need some gloves.


Hope you all had a great weekend! 🙂

WSU Junior Year 002-pola


2 thoughts on “The weekend.

  1. debbie says:

    you need to “burn” the dust and crap off the heater. just turn it on and let the fire alarm go off. no reason to be cold when you have heaters. try vaccuuming them maybe.

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