What to talk about??

I have no idea.

Lets see…

I drove 6 hours across the state back to Pullman today. Fun right? WRONG.

I’m just very happy to be home. And really in the mood to clean.

I brought my sewing machine back with me, so I may be crafting here soon.

I need to find something creative to do. Maybe I’ll search insructables.

This week I finally have no exams. It feels ridiculously good. It seems like all I’ve had is exams lately.

It’s frigid in Pullman right now. 😦

I brought back three coats with me.

I hope it doesn’t snow this year. (yeah right.)


Lets see…

I’m so boring today. Nothing exciting to report.


It was Sister’s baby shower this weekend! It was so much fun!

She got lots of nifty gifts. I think Lil’ Love will be one happy babe.

I kind of am in the mood to go thrifting.

Maybe I’ll make a trip tomorrow.

I need to start going more often. Especially since I am patrolling for an awesome idear I have for le Boyfriend.


I’m sorry I’m so boring today.

Tomorrow will be better.

I’ll write something amazing.

Oh and you all should CROSS your fingers for ME. I applied to two office positions tonight on campus. (Right up my alley, literally and figuratively).

PLEASE oh PLEASE. I need cruise money.

That’s it for now.

Sorry I’m such a loser tonight.


The brother in law took this photo of me on a ferry last… summer…. maybe the summer before. Who knows. But it captures my ridiculousness.


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