Found my job…

Not really (sad)… I just was browsing through craigslist under “part time” and found this:

“I am looking for Sci Fi / Fantasy Artwork of an adult nature to start a website with. I am looking for material specifically dealing with erotic alien abductions. This material will be given top priority over other material. If it was in a comic book style format that would be even better. I need it to be a computerized format. Fetish material encouraged. I am also interested in anything having to do with microphilia. (small people) Mad Scientist stuff too.

I am interested in artists who I can work with as far as pay goes. I have some means, but by no means am rich. I would like to pay something up front for the use of it to get it on the web and then royalties from the sales of it later, if possible.

It would be a good arrangement for those of you who have this kind of stuff lying around NOT making any money with it”

This is in the Moscow/Pullman location. I got a laugh out of it and flagged it for best of craigslist.

Funny stuff.


2 thoughts on “Found my job…

  1. jessthall says:

    This is the perfect job for you for several reasons:
    1. I know you have this stuff just lying around, this is all that you do in your spare time and if you could make money off of it, sweet!
    2. Do you have any idea how much money you could make from royalties with this stuff. Trust me, there is a high demand for it and if you are one of the few suppliers, who needs college!?
    3. Nobody would ever take this post seriously, therefore, I think you have a pretty good shot at the job.
    Think about it.
    I love you and I miss you (cant wait to see you this weekend!)

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