My guilty pleasure:


Please. Go watch this show on Hulu. Now. I’ll even link it, click here.

I started watching this show before I left for school. Some of you know that I love the show Cheaters. It’s so perfectly cheesy and can keep me entertained for hours. Especially because of Joey Greco. Well this show is like ten times better than cheaters. And this is why:

02282009 Fox TV Rick Scuteri 903

It’s a family business… the woman in the red dress is the mother and the three girls to the left are her daughters. The man on the right is her boyfriend. And they are perfectly white trash. They all wear far too much Ed Hardy and make up. As if that’s not enough to make a good show, Sandra’s daughter’s names are Kashmir, Jazmin, and Xanadu. And guess what? 2 out of the 3 are strippers! It’s like she set them up for life.

Basically what happens each episode is someone calls in saying they suspect their spouse/partner is cheating and they do a little surveillance, and then go for the “sting”! They send a “decoy” in… i.e. one of her daughters in a skimpy outfit and heels, and try their hardest to seduce the prospect while their spouse/partner watches from an old winnebego that looks something like this:


Overall, it’s super entertaining, and seriously worth a 3 or 4 hours of your life.

On a different note, does anyone else think that the kid from Desperate Housewives, see below:


And Jacob from Twilight, see below:

Taylor Lautner

Look alike?

Just me?



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