This is how I feel:


image via ffffound.

No one can say I haven’t been trying to find a job… I’ve applied to what seems like at least three jobs a day these past few days. Tonight I decided to pull up the google and search everywhere collectively in Moscow and Pullman. I then made a list of numbers and called each one for about 3 hours asking if they were hiring. Survey says? ONE place. And the person wasn’t even for sure… she just “thought” they might be. As a result, I am turning in two resumes tomorrow, one to a coffee stand in Moscow, and one to a little shop in Pullman.

Then I remembered about the co-op in Moscow. I left a voicemail on the HR manager’s voicemail and she actually called me back! She left me a message saying they were hiring and that I should fill out an application online and submit it and blah blah blah, I hope I get this one! Although I’m not sure if I’m artsy and earthy enough for them.

So once again people, cross your fingers for me!

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