The final countdown!

[I hope you all heard this in your head when you read the title]

There are 5 days until Boyfriend comes to visit!

To celebrate this, I thought I’d post some photos of my Mr. Handsome.

(I’m sorry I’m a dork Boyfriend)

wedding and tristan visit 060-pola

Lincoln City 2009 042-pola

In the famous Tristan’s Grandpa sweatshirt.

Lincoln City 2009 036-pola

I love those cheeks, especially when he smiles and shows off his dimples. 🙂

Ok enough of me being mushy…

I bought the following book:


And… it’s awesome.

Apparently this guy already wrote a book called:


I think I need this one too.

(And yes… I used the poladroid for the above photos. Don’t judge.)


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