Umm… what?

Today I was watching some “What I like about you” while getting ready and inbetween episodes “the-n” played this music video:

(Justin Bieber- One time)

Um… first of all. How old are you?? 10? Seriously you look like you just got your braces off.

The girl who plays your love interest looks like she’s at least 3 years older than you. It’s awkward.

And some of your lyrics:

“Your world is my world,

And my fight, is your fight,

My breath is your breath,

And your heart,

And girl you’re my one love, my one heart.”

Um seriously??

What fight? The fight to the beginning of the lunch line?

I’m assuming you “know” Usher or something, maybe he “found” you because he’s featured in the end of your video.

I just think you’re a bit young to test your white rapper skills.


6 thoughts on “Umm… what?

  1. Jennifer says:

    i don’t know what’s worse…

    a. this kid and his video
    b. or the fact that you mentioned to the world that you watched the n.

    lol. πŸ™‚

  2. jessthall says:

    I agree. If I had the N, I would watch it just as much as Kimmi does.

    Some points to address in the video:

    a. You have to admit, he doesn’t have a bad voice,
    b. you are right Kim, he is like 10, he should be singing about hot wheels or barney…not his one love. It is strange and makes me feel uncomfortable. Oh well, you know everyone who loves the Jonas Brothers will be drooling over him and wishing they will be his “one love”. Puh-lease.

  3. jessthall says:

    p.s. I had to post this on my blog (not that anyone besides the people who read your blog read my blog) it is just too funny. I was reading the comments on youtube and someone said that they thought it was zack and cody in the beginnning. I laughed my pants off!

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