Roiding out.

Polaroiding that is.

When I went to Beach with Boyfriend and his family we took a couple polaroids that I absolutely loved. Here they are:


The boats in Newport, OR.

scan0001 (2)

Under the dock in Lincoln City, OR.

Then while looking through old photos I fond these polaroids my parents had that I absolutely loved.

(My dad loves trains, in fact he has a model railroad room.)

scan0001 (3)

I’m not sure where he took these.

scan0001 (4)

This is my personal favorite.

And lastly…

scan0001 (5)

I’m pretty sure my grandpa took this one of my parents, my sister, my grandma and myself when we were camping a long while ago. I love it so much.

From left to right: Mom, Sister, Dad, Grandma, and me in front.

4 thoughts on “Roiding out.

  1. jrl says:

    Thanks. The comments are very encouraging.
    I love the polaroids. If I could be anywhere other than here right now, it would be the Oregon coast.

  2. Kimberly says:

    It is quite beautiful….

    So…. care to share where you’re from? haha I feel like I know nothing about you. And your link always brings me to “blogger” home.

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