B & E.

Tonight, the roomies and I did something we’ve never done before. Broke and entered.

You see… we’ve been pranking our neighbors almost non-stop since we’ve moved in, they’re three guys and super nice, so we like to mess with them.

We do things like blast Aqua out the window on our iHome, or point a laser pointer through the window at them while they’re out on their porch.

It’s always been innocent fun.

Until tonight. We decided to go hang out with them and then we eventually headed across the street with them and their friends to another hang out.

Then while at the hangout we decided we were tired/hungry/feet hurt and decided to come home.

As we walked home we formed a brilliant plan. We’d break into their apartment (via unlocked window) and get their blender to make some smoothies.

First we attempt the window and think it’s locked, so we head around to the back of the apartment knowing their bedrooms have to be unlocked. They are… as we thought. Except, unreachable.

So we decide to once again try to window in front. This time we decided to all push together.

Bad idea.

The window completely falls out into their apartment. We pushed their window into their kitchen sink. Yeah.

Which this is kind of scary if you think about it. Anyone could do that! We had good intentions, but what if some crazy came along? That’s beside the point.

Of course, we start freaking out, thinking we BROKE their window.

Courtney climbs through the window and unlocks the door for us.

Alyssa and I start putting the window back in, and thankfully it pops right back into place. Right after that we start the search for the blender.

Just then Alyssa says, “oooh the floor is all wet right there.”

And that’s all it took. I took one step and BAM, I’m on my back on the floor. Laughing hysterically.

And that was our crazy Pullman night. We also took some photos. Here they are:

WSU Junior Year 020

WSU Junior Year 016

I love my roomies.


6 thoughts on “B & E.

  1. debbie says:

    you are too funny. did that once with a friend to her ex boyfriend…we stole all his underware and took all of the hostess snacks. he complained to everyone, never figured out it was us. it was awesome.

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