Movie Review: Gigantic.

This video basically says everything I had set out to say:

Basically this is one of the oddest movies I’ve ever sat through, mind you I fell asleep for about 10 minutes. What the reviewers from rotten tomatoes left out was that Zach Galifianakis plays a homeless man who goes around beating up the main character multiple times for…… no reason. Literally… they never say, or show why he has this personal vendetta against the stupid main character who has wanted a Chinese baby since he was 8… weird.

Also, if you’ve ever seen this movie did you think it was odd where the mattress store was?? It was in some random warehouse, that had terrible lighting and dungeoun walls. Who would ever go there for a mattress! And even more, who would ever hear about such a place! It’s so random, I’m pretty sure this wasn’t the type of place that advertised.

Lastly, my Boyfriend is always saying that Zooey Deschanel is just ridiculous. Always playing the same character. Which is so true! And makes me wonder if that’s what she’s really like and people just hire her because she is so dang adorable and millions of indie folk flock to her.

Overall, this movie was a waste of my time/money. See if if you want to feel horribly awkward about the entire thing.

… I can’t believe they gave it 42%….


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