13 days…

Until I FINALLY have internet and cable in my apartment! Life will be sweet, the birds will sing, I will dance, and then I’ll veg out on the couch watching degrassi or some such nonsense.

I’ve learned something about myself in these days of boredom. I hate technology (for causing me to have such an addiction) and I had WSU wifi for being SO dang difficult to log onto.

Every time I come to the CUB to bum I end up sitting here for a good 20 minutes tinkering with the wireless connection. It’s super lame.

In other news. I got a job! Yay! It’s titled “call a coug”. If you’re wondering… I will be a telefundraiser calling alumni asking them to donate money to the school.

I also applied for an office position at a hall that my friend Brittany works in. Needless to say, if I get that one I think I’ll take it over the telefundraising. I just don’t know if I’d be good at that. But I’ll do what I gotta do!

My days have been quite boring. I’m really excited for Thursday because Alyssa will be here, and Wednesday because everyone else will be here. Haha. It won’t feel like such a ghost town.

Maybe I’ll make a trip to walmarte today. Although that’s just out of boredom, and I probably shouldn’t waste the gas.

In other news only 23 days until Boyfriend comes to visit me in Ptown!! I’m super excited. He’ll be staying 6 days, 5 nights.

School starts on Monday. And I’m actually kind of excited to start classes. Just to be busy, and preoccupied… so I won’t have to think about how much I miss the internet and cable tv.

Well now I think I’ll watch some online television. I’m never leaving this wifi zone.

Hope all is well for you!


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