Moved in!

I’m all moved into my apartment!

Ok… with the exception of some clothing I need to unpack. 🙂

It feels good though, except for the whole, there’s no one in pullman yet thing. It’s quite boring. And there is no internet to bum in my apartment. I was very disappointed. Right now I’m typing from the CUB. Bumming off WSU, I guess it’s the least they can do, being that I pay them a boat load to attend. 🙂

Anyway… I’ll be posting pictures up of the apartment later in the week hopefully. I plan on heading to my friend Brittany’s for some internet time as well.

I sadly won’t have internet or cable until August 31st, anywhere from 8-12. Boo!

Tomorrow I have a job interview, so wish me luck!

Other than that… nothing is new.

I miss my boyfriend… my sister… my parents… my cats.

Hope all is well!


3 thoughts on “Moved in!

  1. Jennifer says:

    awwww, miss you too! and so does Trev. and Jack. and Raul. and Lil’ Love! btw… try to watch a couple things for me so we can chat about them:

    1. More to Love – Tuesday, Fox, 9pm
    2. Megan Wants a Millionaire – Sunday?, VH1, 9pm

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