The time I thought I had lice.

My freshman year of college (2007-2008) I had a lice scare. You may be wondering how this happened because I’m not in 3rd grade anymore.

The story begins with my friend Emily and I. We were freshman… learning the ropes at WSU, and she had an older sister who had an apartment off campus. One night we went to her sister’s apartment to hang out. Then once her sister and her sister’s friends left for the bars at 10 p.m. we went next door and hung out with the next door neighbors (everyone knew each other and was friends, I was the only new person to the equation). Anyway, the four of us decided to go rent a movie at blockbuster.

We decide on “The Number 23“… that scary movie with Jim Carrey. So after watching it… it’s pretty late… and dark out as a result, we decide it’s wayyyy to scary to walk back to campus to our dorm so we decide to crash that night on the couch.

All is fine, the next morning we leave and head home. Then that evening I’m doing some homework when Emily comes to my door and tells me she has some “kind of bad, kind of funny” news…


We might have lice…

Um, what?! Why? How? What?!

Basically… the people that we stayed with… well their roommate volunteers to help a local Pullman family out by babysitting their children (they had like 5) and all of their children had a sudden case of head lice.

AND so did the ROOMMATE!

So of course, we start freaking out… thinking we feel things that aren’t there. Scratching our heads constantly… blow drying our already dry hair and really considering getting the rit lice removal treatment at the store.

It was an interesting experience because it was the first time I was away from home where something happened to me like this. Something where I normally would have run to my mom and had her help me.

Anyway… Emily and I check eachother’s head and read every article online possible about lice, but still don’t really know what we’re looking for, or if we have it.

We decide we can’t take the uncertainty anymore and head to “student health”. I even skipped class for this. I was that itchy.

So we get to student health. Emily immediately tells me she has to go to the bathroom and to wait in the lobby for her to get back.

No big deal right? There’s no one there… I’m just relaxing.

Well then all of the sudden there are like 15 other students waiting behind me in line for the nurse to come to the front desk. She finally does and says how may I help you?

I start to try and whisper, “Um… I think… I might… I mean I don’t know… but I might have lice… and I was, uh, um… wondering if you could check my head?”

I tried to say this as quiet as possible, I mean honestly! How embarrassing! It’s not like I’d ever see these 15 random students ever again, but seriously! What if, you know they’d see me and point then whisper to their friends “That’s her! The one I was talking about, don’t share a hat!”

So after I ask my question, the nurse LOUDLY says “THERE ARE PAMPHLETS IN THE BACK LABELED LICE AND NITS, I CAN’T CHECK YOUR HEAD FOR YOU BUT YOU CAN READ UP ON IT AND DECIDE WHAT TO DO FROM THERE…” (I put that all in caps to emphasis how loud she was.)

So… completely red faced I headed to the pamphlet stand and right when I get there Emily comes out of the bathroom. Perfect timing, how ironic.

In the end, Emily and I did not have lice, it was all in our head… but it was a funny experience and something I like to look back on and laugh at. 🙂


4 thoughts on “The time I thought I had lice.

  1. thebluecan says:

    Hospital staff can be fired for doing what that nurse did. At the very least, it can fall under their Code of Conduct guidelines and that person would have a nice little chat/warning from their supervisor.

  2. jrl says:

    So what you thought was on your head turned out to be only in your head.
    My little sister got lice once and I itched for a week, but I remained cootie free.

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