I’m tired.

You want to know why??

My BEAST of a cat has kept me up ALL week.

We have four cats… yeah it sounds like a lot… and it kind of is. But there’s an excuse as to why. We used to volunteer at Kitten Rescue pretty often and we would fall in love with all of the kittens there. And decide, “whats one more??” Thus the four cats.

The oldest of which we got when we lived in Texas and her name is Sassy (I think my mom named her). She was a stray they found at my dad’s work and as a result, one of the least loving cats known to man kind. There have been two incidences in her life where she has sat on my lap willingly. Otherwise, she keeps to herself. For the past 5 years we’ve been saying she’s 12 years old.

She is the only cat that’s let outside of the house completely. All of the rest of them are babied and she’s just pretty much a bad ass. She has no front claws but manages to kill some monstrous birds and lay them at our door step.

She gets into scrappy fights with other cats and usually is pretty victorious.

She has a meow that makes me want to drag my fingers down a chalk board.

She uses this meow every two minutes… literally… when inside.

She is barely in at all during the day except to eat and go to the bathroom (like she can’t do it outside!) at night we make her come in and usually she sleeps with me, then when my dad goes to work in the morning he lets her out.

Well lately she’s been more than annoying. I’ll get her in at night and feed her and then she’ll come upstairs and start meowing and when I try to go pick her up she makes me follow her downstairs (because she wants out). Usually I catch her and make her lay down on the bed, and she’ll stay for a couple of minutes and then the whole routine starts over.

Then once I’m too tired to get up, she’ll come into the room and just meow at the foot of the bed. So I’ll motion her to come up and she’ll jump up and walk by my head… to continue meowing.

She usually does this 4 times a night. This past week, I’ve barely slept all because of this stupid cat.

And I’m sure you’re all thinking why don’t you just lock her out of your room?? well she’d meow at the door, and her meow is peircing, it can easily travel through walls. And your next question might be why not keep her out at night? My answer… she’s getitng old… I mean she is 12 after all. 🙂

This is pretty much how I feel.


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