I had the itch to fly, and I flew.

This weekend Boyfriend and I went to The Decemberists/Blind Pilot/Andrew Bird show in Portland at Edgefield Ampitheatre. And it was AMAZING. Probably one of the best concerts I’ve ever been to. The Decemberists were SO good and everyone there was feeling it so much. We took some photos and here they are:

concert 015

it was probably a million degrees.

concert 020

Blind Pilot.

concert 025

Andrew Bird.

concert 030

Boyfriend relaxing inbetween bands. 🙂

concert 034

The crowd.

concert 036

THE DECEMBERISTS! That girl in the red belt… love her. SO much. She is lead in another band called My Brightest Diamond… Boyfriend did a little research after the show while I watched some Degrassi. haha.

concert 042

This McMenamins was the coolest one I’ve ever been to. It was a whole compound. Check it out here.

Overall, had a fantastic weeekend! What about you?


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