Only in Shelton…

Last week while I was at work, Rachel and I went outside for about 10 minutes to talk to her mom in the parking lot.

While we were standing there, this man rode by realllly quickly. (He was going as fast as if he were going down hill with no breaks.) But he wasn’t alone… on the back of his bike was a little child seat, in which is probably 6 month old was swaying back and forth.

And he wasn’t in the bike lane, no, he was one of those people who thinks he’s a car, he’ll be in front of you at a red light and you know when the light turns green you’ll be going slow through town until he builds up momentum or gets out of the way. Yeah he was one of those…

I couldn’t believe he was going that fast and down a bumpy road so reckless with a baby, but that wasn’t it. Probably half a minute later a little girl probably around 8 on a small bike rides behind him (in the middle of the road) yelling “Daddy! Daddy! Wait up!”. I kid you not.

And let me just say,

she was in flip flops.

and no helmet.


Good old Shelton.


For those of you who do have a child you care about, be sure to check out Bebe Adore for all of your baby accessory needs 🙂


2 thoughts on “Only in Shelton…

  1. Jennifer says:

    ha ha ha- watch out, you might get some offended bike riders on this one. 😉 or shelton-ites that think you are dissing their heritage.

    but… i like the blip/advertisement about BeBe Adore. Nice work! 🙂

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