I got pulled over tonight…

For the first time EVER!

It was around 11:45 p.m. and I’m pretty sure I suffered a minor heart attack.

I was coming home from my friend Jessica’s house and she lives in Lacey, about 30-40 minutes from my house.

I saw the cop, and even before the cop I was going the speed limit, then of course (just like everyone else) started doing 5 under the speed and he followed me for a bit before deciding to pull me over.

He came up to the right han side window (we were on the freeway) and informed me that the light above my back license plate was out. Boo!

That’s the only reason!

Then I told him how scared I was and that it was my first time being pulled over. He told me he was honored he could be my first haha.

Then we talked about coldstone creamery and which flavors we liked best (he asked what I had done earlier that night).

It wasn’t all that bad all in all.

But I’m pretty sure I’ll wake up to some grey hairs tomorrow, and definitely will change the light first thing… cough or ask my daddy… cough. 🙂


(photo via USBR)


12 thoughts on “I got pulled over tonight…

  1. Sarah says:

    Aw I’m glad it was something minor. I’ve never been pulled over before (I probably just jinxed myself saying that) but I can imagine it’s nerve racking even if you know you didn’t do anything wrong 😛

  2. Maria says:

    Back in the day a police officer pulled my mom over and told her to give him her number or she was getting a ticket. I always get freaked out at night because of Unsolved Mysteries… so many shows were about creepers dressing up as cops and pulling girls over at night. Eeeep.

    • Kimberly says:

      haha it does sound dirty now that I think about it.

      I didn’t go! Which you probably noticed if you went… sorry! I was tired, and went to visit my friend Courtney at the coffee stand she works at.

  3. rachel says:

    As I was reading your post I was thinking [and hoping] that was going to be the case, having a light out. I’m glad that everything else was ok 🙂

  4. Will says:

    That’s not a bad pullover. I have had some doozies in my day. Had to take a breathalizer one time even though I had not been drinking. There was a smart-alec “told ya so” after that. Cops can suck at times but you have to respect them.

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