Just lovely.

Currently I’m loving headbands and head pieces. I can’t seem to get enough of looking at them, and I’m thinking very hard on how to go about making one of these. Maybe I’ll just break down and buy one 🙂



I LOVE this piece by Ban.do

It is soooo beautiful! Makes me want to go to a hippie fest or something.



Also by Ban.do

I love turquoise and red together! Always have… in fact, when I was in high school I always dreamed of having our school colors be turquoise and red…. so cheerleader of me to admit. 🙂



“Turquoise Fawn Halo” via Sweet Pea and Fawn.

I think this is just adorable. I love the turquoise, yet again. 🙂



“True Blue Headband” via Rose Red Winter.

This girl kind of makes me want to dye my hair brown and get full bangs, just so I could do this headband justice.

If I do decide to play around with making some “halos” or headbands, I’ll definitely post them up.

Everyone have a good day!

OH and SADLY, Sister and her hubby love weren’t able to find out what Lil’ Love was today in their ultrasound, Baby was being modest. 😦 maybe next time!


6 thoughts on “Just lovely.

  1. emilie18 says:

    haha I’ve always loved this kind of stuff but been too embarrassed to actually wear one in public. Maybe your inspiration will make me braver 😀

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