Kathy, Paris, and Brooke- Oh my!

Today on my lunch break I decided to go home to see my mom and what she had created for the shop.

When I got home, my plan had failed, my mom was not there and had taken her creations with her to Olympia to show Sister.

So I decided to sit down and see what was on tv. I automatically go to Bravo (channel 66) almost as a reflex these days when I turn on the tv. At noon today Kathy Griffin’s show, My Life On The D-List was on. I wasn’t thrilled to be honest, I had seen a couple episodes and thought it wasn’t the best. But out of options, I decided to tune in anyways. And I am soooo glad I did. It was HILARIOUS.

The episode I saw was season 5 episode 5, in which Kathy Griffin goes shopping with Paris Hilton in order to try and up her fame to the A-list.

First she had to find an outfit to wear with Paris Hilton shopping, and decided on this:


Then of course she had to bring her dog along in Paris Hilton fashion:


(Although her dog was not so mini, and didn’t fit under her arm)

Then after shopping the two decided to go lay by the pool:


And while all of this was going on, Kathy Griffin left her mother in charge of her facebook, or what her mother called it “facespace”. Her mother updated her status with things like “bananas on sale on trader joes”.

I must say, it was a hilarious situation, and I actually “laughed out loud” a couple times.

The other day a similar situation occured, I turned on Brooke Knows Best, fully knowing it probably wouldn’t be that interesting, but then was fully amused instead!

Brooke’s roommate and best friend and booked them a paid appearance on a yacht with this guy:


….that surprise surprise: turned out to be super creepy.

It got to the point where they chose to get off of the yacht in the Bahamas, find a random guy to sail them home, and jump into the water and swim to shore like illegal aliens.

Overall, I just wanted to say how pleased with trash tv I’ve been lately. Especially the Bravo network. I applaud them.

(All images from google images)


5 thoughts on “Kathy, Paris, and Brooke- Oh my!

  1. owlandsparrow says:

    Soooo great. Love the pictures and your mini-recaps. I never watch those shows, either, but from what it sounds like, you definitely caught a quality afternoon of trash TV!! Hooray for Bravo…perhaps I should give them a try for more than just Top Chef…

  2. Sarah says:

    I just recently started watching Kathy Griffin, and I freaking love her! I can’t believe I missed out on all the years of her pointless banter. You should see the episode where she hangs out at Chef Paula Dean’s house. It’s hilarious.

    I normally don’t like watching Brooke Know’s Best, but that episode was AMAZIIIIIIING. I can’t imagine a more awkward situation than that. And when she got off the boat at the end and had to walk back soaking wet!!! Hahaha. That made my afternoon.

    VH1 has the best trashy shows on television.

    • Kimberly says:

      Haha I KNOW! 🙂 I saw that kathy griffin episode! When she works in Paula Deen’s restaurant. So funny! She delivered the “ho cakes” haha.

      As for VH1… I watch pretty much allllll over their trashy shows. It’s my guilty pleasure. 🙂

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