We did it! :)

We made an etsy shop!

By we I mean my mom, sister and I. Yay!

We have been crafting like crazy this weekend and tomorrow we’ll do a little photo shoot and finally list the items. I can’t wait! Our store is Bebe Adore. If you click that link… you will see a store with nothing in it… so don’t expect much 🙂

However! We will have things most likely up by tomorrow or the day after… so be sure to check it out!

We make bibs, burp cloths, blankets and accessories.

We have my sister’s adorable niece modeling as well as Cindy’s son Sammy.

All I have to say is YAY! 🙂


7 thoughts on “We did it! :)

  1. owlandsparrow says:

    Hey! I’m just poking around on your site and I really like your stuff. Seems we have much in common, what with Wal-Mart craziness, thoughts on Sasha Not-So-Fierce, and now it seems we are both crafty. I also just opened an Etsy site (with not much on it at the moment) at owlandsparrow.etsy.com – good luck with all your crafts!

    • Kimberly says:

      Yes yes! I checked out yours too! Love your site! And I love your blog. Can we be friends? haha I’m adding you to my blogroll, i’m so glad you commented. 🙂

      • owlandsparrow says:

        Thanks! Your site is great, too – I’ve only looked at a few of your posts so far, but it looks like you have a lot more fun things to read! I added you to my blogroll, too, and I’d love to be friends. Thanks for your words of encouragement!

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