Attack of the “perfume lady”!

Yesterday I decided to go to walmart with sister for her weekly grocery shopping. We headed to walmart, as we needed some random sewing supplies as well. While in the store, all was well and we got her weeks worth of groceries.

Then as we were heading back to my car, it happened.

This huge lady (by huge I mean probably 6’2… and wide, not “fat” but just wide, like a football player, broad shoulders and all that) comes walking over to sister and I and says something about how we look like the type of girls that like to shop. Um… yeah?

Then she says she has a “deal” for us. Yay! Must be our lucky day, haha. Well then she whips out some designer imposter perfume and makes us smell three different kinds… all sprayed directly on our wrists! YUCK!

Now sister and I are far too nice to say “beat it lady!” and she was far too big to actually attempt to yell, so we just endured it and smelled like baby prostitutes for the rest of the day. Yuck.

What was funny about all of this was she was charging like 50 bones per perfume bottle. Why wouldn’t we just get the real stuff?

Anyway… it was bizarre, and I kept having flashbacks to a chain mail email I had received from my mom one time. It said something about people who would come up to you in grocery store parking lots and ask you to smell their new perfume they were selling, then the “perfume” would have something in it that would cause you to pass out, and the person would take all your money and run off. I honestly thought this might be happening to us, luckily, it didn’t and we just ended up smelling very strongly like a grandma for the whole day.


2 thoughts on “Attack of the “perfume lady”!

  1. owlandsparrow says:

    Awesome. Glad to hear I’m not the only one who has problems at Wal-Mart! I just had an interesting Wal-Mart experience, too (bad news in the parking lot…wrote a recent post on my blog about that). I hope you can get the smell of old lady perfume out soon!! 🙂

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