Teach me your ways Sasha Fierce!

Not too long ago I heard a comedian/actor/I-can’t-remember say that Beyonce had this amazing power to make her “crappy music” popular.  After I heard this I first laughed really hard because I totally agree! He said every time he would hear her song he’d be like “oh gosh not this again” but then after the 30th time he decided it was catchy…. then after the 60th time he decided it was worth a $1.29 download on itunes. (Speaking of… what’s up with that?! Why aren’t they 99 cents anymore?!)

I totally relate to this because every song, and I mean every song that Beyonce has came out with solo I’ve been on the “meh” bus at first then find myself getting really into it after it’s been over played far too many times on the radio.

She’s a wicked woman that Sasha Fierce.

Anyway, the most recent time she’s done this to me is with Halo. I literally didn’t like this song up until oh…. last week. And let me tell you why I decided it was “ok” and maybe even “downloadable”. Because I saw the video. (you can go watch it here)

I’m a sucker.

And let me just say… she’s not even that good!


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6 thoughts on “Teach me your ways Sasha Fierce!

  1. cdean says:

    Hmm….. I don’t listen to enough pop music to agree or disagree with this fully. However, I am pretty sure I will never, under any circumstance, like ‘Single Ladies.’ I suspect this is largely in part due to the music video. I saw Taking Back Sunday about a month ago, though, and they definitely threw a couple rounds of ‘if you liked it then you shoulda put a ring on it!’ into the end of one of their songs. And that was pretty awesome.

    So, you know. Maybe.

  2. emilie18 says:

    Say what you will about pop (that is a decision everyone needs to make for themselves) but Beyonce has a voice. She just doesn’t always utilize it.
    And that is the beauty of pop–everyone is welcome. It makes you feel good and while the every-other-album power ballad is usually forgettable, Beyonce knows her shtuff.

  3. owlandsparrow says:

    Yeah, she’s definitely got a nice voice and is talented, but I’m riding the meh bus with you. I’m still not that into Halo (mainly because “Halo” becomes “Hay-lo-oooooou” way too often; plus, it just seems lazy to make an entire chorus out of a single word!). I’m especially not into that If I Was a Boy song…blech. I find Single Ladies bearable due to the YouTube video of that guy dancing in his leotard…it makes me laugh every time I think about it!

    • Kimberly says:

      hehe 🙂 i’m glad to hear you agree with me, and honestly I agree with everything you said. The hayyyyylo part is pretty ridic. But her passion in the song makes me like it for some odd reason. 🙂

      I love how you said “some guy dancing in the leotard” when it’s JT. chyeah! Love that video! 🙂

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