I can’t believe it…

Today Rachel showed me this youtube video of a japanese subway station:

Please watch, it will be the best 1:35 seconds of your day, I swear.

They actually hire these guys in the uniforms to push people in. It’s amazing. And amazingly hilarious. 🙂


7 thoughts on “I can’t believe it…

  1. jrl says:

    I can’t decide which comment to leave, “moo” or “no thanks, I’d rather walk.” But I’ve already used “moo” once today.

  2. Tellie says:

    For some reason I don’t find this funny. I lived in Seoul (a city bigger than NYC) for 3 years, and the subways were like this. I hated it!! Being touch by strangers….so close together…one of the many things I didn’t like about Korea.

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