“People want this squirrel.”

This weekend as you all know I went to the beautiful Tillamook with sister for a girl’s weekend at our friend Molly’s apartment. The weekend was great as expected.

We visited this place called the blue heron. What enticed us was the petting “zoo” they had in a small field, and some home goods of course. 🙂

tillamook 018 tillamook 019

We found these gems outside the blue heron. Sister calls my look the “jigga what?” look haha.

tillamook 022

Me petting “zoo” animal.

tillamook 024

This was on the inside of the blue heron. I wonder how many people have got hit, haha.

tillamook 031

We went to Oceanside, it was gorgeous.

tillamook 033

tillamook 038

This was a little cave/tunnel that led to the other side of the beach.

tillamook 042

…in the cave.

tillamook 046

The other side.

tillamook 050

Sister and lil’ love.

Then we drove  back to a little beach shop we saw…

tillamook 058

“Lex’s Cool Stuff”

tillamook 059

I asked “Lex” if she brought all the stuff outside in at night and she said, “no, no one has ever stole anything, even though people want this squirrel!” pointing to a stone squirrel. I’m very sure Lex. 🙂

So that was my weekend, how was yours?


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