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Bebe Adore.

Is now open for business!

We did the photo shoot tonight, and ended up having some time to post a few, but we have many more to post!

Here’s the link:

Bebe Adore

Be sure to keep checking in for bibs/burp cloths/more hair accessories/and blankets!



(Isn’t Brooklyn just adorable?! You can see the bibs slightly in these photos too!)

Attack of the “perfume lady”!

Yesterday I decided to go to walmart with sister for her weekly grocery shopping. We headed to walmart, as we needed some random sewing supplies as well. While in the store, all was well and we got her weeks worth of groceries.

Then as we were heading back to my car, it happened.

This huge lady (by huge I mean probably 6’2… and wide, not “fat” but just wide, like a football player, broad shoulders and all that) comes walking over to sister and I and says something about how we look like the type of girls that like to shop. Um… yeah?

Then she says she has a “deal” for us. Yay! Must be our lucky day, haha. Well then she whips out some designer imposter perfume and makes us smell three different kinds… all sprayed directly on our wrists! YUCK!

Now sister and I are far too nice to say “beat it lady!” and she was far too big to actually attempt to yell, so we just endured it and smelled like baby prostitutes for the rest of the day. Yuck.

What was funny about all of this was she was charging like 50 bones per perfume bottle. Why wouldn’t we just get the real stuff?

Anyway… it was bizarre, and I kept having flashbacks to a chain mail email I had received from my mom one time. It said something about people who would come up to you in grocery store parking lots and ask you to smell their new perfume they were selling, then the “perfume” would have something in it that would cause you to pass out, and the person would take all your money and run off. I honestly thought this might be happening to us, luckily, it didn’t and we just ended up smelling very strongly like a grandma for the whole day.

We did it! :)

We made an etsy shop!

By we I mean my mom, sister and I. Yay!

We have been crafting like crazy this weekend and tomorrow we’ll do a little photo shoot and finally list the items. I can’t wait! Our store is Bebe Adore. If you click that link… you will see a store with nothing in it… so don’t expect much πŸ™‚

However! We will have things most likely up by tomorrow or the day after… so be sure to check it out!

We make bibs, burp cloths, blankets and accessories.

We have my sister’s adorable niece modeling as well as Cindy’s son Sammy.

All I have to say is YAY! πŸ™‚

I can’t believe it…

Today Rachel showed me this youtube video of a japanese subway station:

Please watch, it will be the best 1:35 seconds of your day, I swear.

They actually hire these guys in the uniforms to push people in. It’s amazing. And amazingly hilarious. πŸ™‚

Teach me your ways Sasha Fierce!

Not too long ago I heard a comedian/actor/I-can’t-remember say that Beyonce had this amazing power to make her “crappy music” popular. Β After I heard this I first laughed really hard because I totally agree! He said every time he would hear her song he’d be like “oh gosh not this again” but then after the 30th time he decided it was catchy…. then after the 60th time he decided it was worth a $1.29 download on itunes. (Speaking of… what’s up with that?! Why aren’t they 99 cents anymore?!)

I totally relate to this because every song, and I mean every song that Beyonce has came out with solo I’ve been on the “meh” bus at first then find myself getting really into it after it’s been over played far too many times on the radio.

She’s a wicked woman that Sasha Fierce.

Anyway, the most recent time she’s done this to me is with Halo. I literally didn’t like this song up until oh…. last week. And let me tell you why I decided it was “ok” and maybe even “downloadable”. Because I saw the video. (you can go watch it here)

I’m a sucker.

And let me just say… she’s not even that good!


(via google images)

I am…. a slacker.

Yes, yes, I have been gone far too long. I must admit, I’ve been having troubles thinking of what to say that would be of any interest to anyone.

So I guess I’ll just update you all on the recent events in my life….

This past weekend sister and I had a crafting day. We woke up early Saturday morning and went to Olympia to hit up Joanns… Target… Macy’s… and Gap. All the essentials. Then head back to good ol’ Shelton to shop downtown.

Then once back at sister’s she began making a baby blanket and burp cloths for her sister -in-law who is now preggers! I made some clips for my bestie Jessica’s birthday, which is today! SHOUT OUT TO MY HOMIE.


(Jessica & I circa 2007)

I love that girl, we’ve been good friends since the second grade when we first met that fateful day in Mrs. Hibbert’s class. She’s a hoot and a half.

I also gave her a locket with a photo of her on one side and me on the other… of course the photos were of us when we were 8. πŸ™‚

I think I’ll take the time to list 20 reasons I love Jessica on her 20th Birthday!:

1. She always has a story. This girl has the craziest things happen to her and always has a great story to share.

2. She loves to read. Therefore, I get to read all the great recommendations she lets me borrow. πŸ™‚

3. She is mellow. When we hang out, we go with the flow like jello.

4. She always listens to stories/rants/worries and has really good advice to give.

5. She’s goofy.

6. She loves jellies. (The shoes).

7. She’s a great shopping partner.

8. She can listen to every single song on her ipod… all the way through… on shuffle. I admire this quality. Ask anyone who has had a ride in my car…. I have music A.D.D.

9. She’s brilliant! She just got into nursing school! Hollllla!

10. She’s super stylish.

11. She has the biggest heart ever.

12. She has really funny/random dreams, almost every night.

13. She loves silly movies.

14. Two words: Laguna Beach.

15. She’s crafty.

16. She’s a hugger.

17. She likes to coordinate her outfits with mine when we go somewhere together. I love this! Because I hate going somewhere with someone and wearing something completely different from them. Maybe it’s a girl thing, maybe it’s a crazy “me” thing. Either way…. she’s awesome.

18. She’s lovely, delightful, and beautiful.

19. All of our inside jokes/stories.

20. She’s my best friend.

Happy Birthday πŸ™‚


Jessica is a rock star

jesssica & zac

Love you!