Nifty Thrifty.

I was looking around on Anthropologie the other day, day dreaming about buying everything, when I stumbled across these:


They’re clearly amazing, but they’re also in the $300 range. Sadly, I’m ‘po. So I decided to make my own version. I had some plain wedges that I never wore because they were too simple for me. So I spruced them up and here was the outcome:

court's visit 035

I kind of like them. 🙂

I also found some old photos from before I left school, they’re pretty funny. Here are some good ones:

court's visit 002

Before we headed to Dana’s. 

court's visit 024

My teeth and the gorgeous Alyssa.

court's visit 010

Alyssa, Dana, and Me. 🙂




In other news… I found a cool new site that everyone should check out if they like the look of holga photography but don’t have a holga. It’s holganizer. I took this photo of my donut at work this morning with my cell phone and played with holganizer and came out with this:


Pretty cool in my book. 🙂


And in Shelton, WA news… we now have a troubadour. Otherwise known as a man who sits on the corner playing the guitar/singing with an open guitar case hoping for cash. This is very exciting to me. I might ask him if I can get a photo. 


That is all. I hope everyone is having a good week! 🙂


6 thoughts on “Nifty Thrifty.

    • Kimberly says:

      He stands by that little statue on railroad supposedly. I guess there was a whole article on him in the journal. But I saw him yesterday in front of the post office. He’s pretty cute. From Seattle I guess. Trevor told me he moved here for his girlfriend who dumped him, and he lost his apartment. Which is why he’s doing this I guess. haha.

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