I’m blushing…

My new bloggy friend Keely gave me an award! 


Isn’t it pretty? I might just print it out and hang it on my wall in a decorative frame! I feel as though I don’t deserve it! 🙂 I don’t really know how these things work exactly but she passed it on to 7 fellow bloggers so I’ll do the same. My choices for Kreativ Blogger go to… drum roll please 🙂

1. Sister of course. She is amazing, she finds things to blog about out of no where and always seems to have a new post. 

2. Reasons why I hate girls. I believe his name is Adam, and sometimes his posts frustrate me, but most of the time they’re just plain entertaining, check him out! 

3. The blue can. R and I have become good bloggy friends and his blog posts are always very interesting and relate-able. 🙂 

4. Cindy. Because she really is the most “kreativ” person I know. 

5. My girl Emilie. Because she is so dang funny and gets into the funniest situations. Just love her.

6. Rockstar Diaries. Because I can’t go a day without reading it.  

and lastly,

7. Julia because she’s magical, especially when it comes to sewing. 🙂 She even made me a mustache. (Pictures to come)

So… in conclusion I’d like to thank the Academy… or really Keely. She’s such a good new bloggy friend and everyone should go check out her’s asap! 🙂 Thanks again!  


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