“Number 8 is great!”

That is what I chanted over and over many times today. 

I headed to the baseball field with sister and her husband to watch him play in a little softball tourney. It turned out to be absolutely beautiful out so that was really nice. We also were up in the Seattle area and had a mini break between games so we headed to the local nordstroms rack and shopped around a bit.

Because it was so hot outside we were craving popsicles and found out that the concession stand had otter pops. Little did we know they were GIANT otter pops:

otter pops

Here is sister holding them up.

I think the only thing to be learned from this is, the bigger the otter pop, the more awesome. 

I got some new gladiator looking sandals and some bestsey johnson sunnies. 

Trevor got two pair shoes, and I took a photo of him batting:


On the cell phone of course, because I’m a failure and take my camera no where with me.

Overall, it was a fantastic day! 🙂 I hope you all are having a great weekend! 


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