Goin’ green.

One thing I love about working downtown during the summer is being able to walk around to practically anything I would need during the day. Which would really just be food and/or some entertainment of local shops.

Sister and I recently (Saturday) spent the day shopping downtown Shelton. It was actually really fun, we went with the intent of finding mother’s day gifts and did just that.

 I got my mom an adorable frame and she got mom two books on being a granny (jokester ones) and then we got her some gorgeous flowers together.

Luckily, the weather was fantastic so we just walked from store to store and even stopped by the farmer’s market. As we were leaving sister and I were discussing how green we had been. I mean… shopping locally, walking around rather than driving, we felt pretty awesome. Then as we were heading to walmart… haha just kidding!

We did go to a little kids consignment store in town though called Kids Castle. It was quite adorable and just made me realize even more I just want to know what lil’ love is already!

Sister got a cute little tricycle that looks like this:RadioFlyerClassicTinyTricycle-ESQ-Brattykidsandbabies_fb-70917985

Doesn’t it just make your little heart melt?

Then after Trevor showed us how to work the bell (we couldn’t figure it out) we realized it had the most annoying bell ever. So hopefully lil’ love never discovers how to do that…

In different news… I’m loving my phone.  I think everyone should march on out and get the voyager asap! That is, if you have verizon. 🙂

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