TWO exams,

stand between me and summer. Hurrayyyy! The first of which is tomorrow, bio, ugh, shoot me. And then two weeks from now I have a human development final… it’s nice though because I have all this free time and am going home as a semi-vacation before I go home again and begin working. 

I don’t know if you diligent readers remember, but I had some phone issues not too long ago. In which, my phone wasn’t charging properly. I had to fickle with the charger and place it just so to make it charge. SOOO fast forward to last night, it stops working completely. OF course. Sister always jokes that I weasle my way into getting new phones all the time because I’m a poor phone owner, um no, I swear I just have bad luck. Well since it stopped charging Alyssa so kindly drove me to the verizon store here in town and the man informs me that since the peice in the charging port is wiggly that means it’s physical distruction (or some equally overly intense word) and I will have to either pay the full 300 to replace it or upgrade. So DUH, I upgraded and got me-self a fancy fance Voyager. Pictured below:


Which it still has the keyboard inside that my enV2 had so I’m pleased. 🙂 

In other news… 

Okay, I have no other news, except I’m putting off studying bio. BOO. I still have lab next week for bio, which I find purely ridic! Like for realz. My friend Huber even told me that they were saying we have class next week, who’s honestly gonna go!?! We’re done with the test tomoooooorrow! 

I’m craving mac & cheese. The spiral ones of course, that’s what sister and I always make. Yum! We should do that (cough Jenni cough) when I get home! 


Okay, that was completely unnecessary… but doesn’t that picture make you wanna run out and get yourself some Kraft Spirals? Heck yes! 

Well I guess I’m done here… and I guess I could start studying…



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