There are 31 days until school is out for me! Yes! I couldn’t be more ready to get outta here. 🙂

Yes, I’ll miss my Pullman friends, i.e. Brittany, but I’m just ready to go home, kiss my cats, drive again, eat better food, and best of all: NO exams!

I have two exams and a quiz this week. I hate studying for exams, especially when it’s something like Biology, which is ironically what I’m supposed to be studying about right this moment, but I’m here instead, isn’t it funny how that works out??

I think I should get a masssage once I’m done with school, I can feel the knots building up, and my back is sore all the time. BLEH. This is probably partially due to my cute little bed (not really cute).

Hmm I don’t really have a direction with this blog post, I’m just rambling at this point.

Oh something odd happened today:

A guy from my lab asked me for “a light”. This threw me off, mainly because I forgot kids my age can and will sometimes smoke. Most of the time I forget I’m old enough to make these decisions, but then I also think about the fact that only negatives come from smoking, and in a culture where we full know this, how does one my age start smoking? At what moment do they decide it would be a good idea to light up? I mean I totally understand people who started before they knew the consequences and are hooked now, but just randomly deciding to smoke? Hmmm it just miffs me.

And further more, do I look like I would have a smoke? When I picture smokers I picture trailer trash people who drink beer with every meal and go hunting (sorry for the stereotyping) I definitely don’t think of just regular students as smokers… so odd.

I should probably attempt to study more… BOO.

Wish me luck.


5 thoughts on “31.

  1. Jennifer says:

    GOOD LUCK! only a month left – you can do it!! 🙂 we should get a pedicure when you get home. in honor of summer!!

  2. emilie18 says:

    perhaps about the moment when they have been going non-stop for two months with rehearsals and performances and maybe the night after a giant master-work concert they think for a second that a peach mini cigar would be a good idea? hypothetically…

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